Arch Fatigue

Arch Fatigue

A strong arch is essential to a healthy stride and balance when you are walking and running. Excess stress on your arch from various extraneous activities can cause arch fatigue leading to pain and Flatfoot.

What causes Arch Fatigue?

  • Flat Feet
  • Wearing Shoes with inadequate support
  • Standing or walking for long periods of time
  • Obesity

How do I know if I have Arch Fatigue?

What are the symptoms of Arch Fatigue?

You may be experiencing Arch Fatigue if you have pain in your foot arch, knee, leg, or lower back.

How is Arch Fatigue diagnosed?

Careful examination and / or X-ray can determine the areas under the most stress, as well as find any underlying issues that could be causing the Arch Fatigue.

What can I do from home for Arch Fatigue?

What can I do to prevent Arch Fatigue?

  • Wear proper shoes that offer good support through the arch area
  • Ice feet if swollen or inflamed

* You should never buy a pair of shoes with the intention to break them in. If they do not fit properly or are not supportive at the time of purchase, you could cause your feet undue damage and stress from this process.

What treatments can I do from home for Arch Fatigue?

NSAIDS can aid in the pain caused by arch fatigue. Walking barefoot on hard surfaces allows the foot muscles to be strengthened and stretched.

When should I see a doctor for Arch Fatigue?

If you have continual occuring pain in the foot and home treatments fail, schedule an appointment with a foot specialist.

Treatments your doctor may recommend for Arch Fatigue


Anti-inflammatory medication or muscle relaxants prescribed by your physician. Physical therapy for general conditioning and/or weight loss (if patient is over-weight). Shoe inserts or orthotics may also be recommended


Typically Arch Fatigue can be solved without surgery, unless an underlying problem is found that requires it