Who Are We?

At Foot Scientific, we are transforming lives from the ground up. Our team uses extensive clinical experience and research to inform innovative solutions to foot and ankle issues. Our line of products give people high-end options at affordable prices that make walking comfortable again. We provide hope to people who have lost hope because of the oversaturation of cheap orthotic products online.

Dedicated to Improving Personal Mobility

We are dedicated to helping people find the mobility to have a higher quality of life. Our products help people find comfort at home, at work, and at play. Not only is this our passion, but we have the experience to accomplish that goal. All of our products have been refined for 20 years by award-winning doctors in the field of foot and ankle orthopedic surgery and physical therapy.

ISO Certified Orthotic Products

Our orthotic products are all registered with the FDA, in addition to having the ISO certification for medical devices. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) seeks to provide guarantees and standardization on quality, documentation, service, and management processes in the global marketplace. In our field, ISO certification is the industry standard for ensuring that our customers are getting quality products that meet their orthotic needs.

Our Products Speak for Themselves

We can tell you what we’re all about as a company, but nothing tells our story better than our incredible line of orthotic insoles and braces. Our Arches Orthotics brand provides a comfortable and reliable solution both high-arched and low-arched feet, in addition to everyday comfort for the neutral foot.