I am an avid runner and have been for over three years now. I run 20+ miles each week (often doing 10 miles a day), and do other types of exercise regularly as well. Up until recently, I hadn’t really had any issues with my running… But over a month ago, I started experiencing sharp pain in both of my feet after a long run. Sometimes it would get so bad that I would have to rest my feet for a few days before running again, which interrupted my exercise regime… As a very athletic person, not being able to run is a very big deal. I didn’t know what was causing my feet pain, and thought it might be my shoes. However, I had heard about these “Arches Orthotics” and read some good reviews on them. I decided to get a pair that matched my foot type (Type 1 for Flat Feet) and give them a try. I must say WOW! The change was incredible! No more pain, AT ALL! I can do my long runs of 10 miles without stopping, and afterwards, my feet feel completely normal! I noticed the drastic difference after the very first time of wearing these orthotic insoles. I would recommend these to ANYONE! Especially runners! 🙂 Thank you so much, Foot Scientific!!!

– Alyse Buchanan

On a recent trip to Moab, Utah, I noticed someone wearing an Elevate foot brace, he had one on both legs. I asked him about the braces and he told me how happy he was with them. He gave me the contact information where he had purchased them from.

I ordered one when I returned to Seattle. I have been using the standard in the shoe straps to the calf type of brace. I didnt wear it often because it wasn’t easy to put on and it was uncomfortable. It was also hard to drive with the brace on. I use the brace on my right leg, with the brace being stiff it makes it difficult to push the accelerator. With the Elevate I just release the tension on the brace and can push the accelerator with no issues. The Elevate brace is comfortable and easy to put on, I love it.

 Lavon, Seattle WA

“Thank you thank you Footmind, my fiancé saw this amazing Elevate Brace on your site and ordered one. I have had drop foot for several years with little support from my UK doctors. Since the brace has arrived and very fast delivery too, I have been able to walk with confidence and do the things I used to love doing. This brace is the most amazing break through in Footdrop technology I wish I had found it years ago, I honestly mean this … This device has changed my life for the better, it’s discrete and easy to use and is totally brilliant. I wish I could promote this product to anyone with Foot Drop, it really does change your life. Once again Footmind thank you thank you it’s totally brilliant.”

 Shelley Ahmet

Just received my new footmind brace today…..very easy to apply and adjust!….made a huge differance immediately! I am a rehabilitation nurse I will be able to wear this for a full twelve hour shift no problem…created perfect step through immediately stopping steppage gait as well! I wouldnt hesitate to purchase, life changing in regards to gait and activity.

 YouTube User

In 2002 I slipped and fell on concrete hitting the inside of my knee pushing the knee cap aside. The fall apparently injured my peroneal nerve as I soon noticed my foot flopping on the ground. That took me to an orthopaedic Dr. and with a scan was told I had a problem with my patella and therapy was prescribed. Over the years, not knowing for sure what was wrong I favored the leg and lost muscle mass and the knee began hyperextending and bowing out. Numerous Drs. and various ortho. braces and finally a knee replacement in 2010, I still had trouble lifting my foot, and hyperextension problems.

The Foot Mind Brace is helpful in lifting my foot and helping activating the muscles of the front of my leg and foot I’ve worn it with athletic shoes and open toed sandals, which are the most comfortable.

 Freda Betts

I have MS with severe right foot drop. I have had the brace for five months. It’s comfortable it works well…I use this brace for every day use.

 Wayne Mooney

I LOVE the elevate brace! It’s awesome!!!! …It’s been a Godsend.

I had severe back issues after a very bad skiing accident and about eight years ago my spine collapsed and was severing my sciatic nerve. It was unreal and excruciating. I literally was screaming for my husband to call 911 as I was being paralyzed.

A pain and nerve specialist confirmed I was losing feeling and it took over 2 hours for the ER team to figure out what was going on…It turned out I had a hairline fracture that gave way and my spine collapsed and was crushing my sciatic nerve

When I woke up I was fitted for a custom orthotic AFO brace, right foot. I tried everything to try and get functioning back; reflexology, Rieki, pilates, etc.

After learning how to walk with the prescribed AFO brace, I hated it, so I didn’t wear it. I would fall and sprain my ankle repeatedly. It was terrible, but so was a thick plastic AFO that fit inside a shoe a full size bigger than I needed!

It wasn’t until after suffering 6 years of falling and terrible pain from severe sprains that I finally blew out the right ankle from not wearing the AFO. A Dr at Rush fixed it surgically about 1.7 years ago.

The drop foot remains, however, the Elevate Brace has given me freedom, peace of mind and confidence. For anyone who has drop foot, trust me, this is the brace you want!

 Anna Harmon

For years, I have had podiatrists tell me my feet were flat and I needed orthotics and so I have worn them.  I have paid as much as $500.00 a pair for them but those have been somewhat uncomfortable as they are very hard on the bottom of the foot.  This past June, 2013, I had an appointment with Dr. J. Robert Faux, MD to evaluate a hammer toe and a crooked toe.  I enquired about my flat feet.  He had X-rays taken and showed me how my foot was not flat but did in fact have a normal arch.  I told him I had worn orthotics  for allot of years and why did my current expensive ones have to feel so hard on my foot.  He said they didn’t and then told me about the orthotics he and Greg Thorpe have developed.  I find it very interesting that Dr.  Faux is the only professional who has X-rayed my feet and thus showed me on the X-ray that I do have an arch.  Dr. Faux had two types of orthotics and wrote a prescription for the Pronation Style as opposed to the Arch Support Style.    I left his office in Payson and went directly to see Greg at his office in Springville and was fitted for two pair of the Arches by Footmind orthotics.  I have loved them.  The cork/padded foot surface is very comfortable on my feet.  I feel great support with them.  Not all shoes are made to have an orthotic in them like dress shoes but I am fine without them for a short period until I am back in them on a day to day basis.  The cost of the Arches is extremely reasonable compared to other orthotics and my satisfaction is much higher.  I can certainly recommend them from my personal experience with them the last 5 months

 – Robert E. Sanderson

I have pretty much tried all types of products for foot drop. I have used custom molded AFO’s, EZ stride carbon fiber AFO, Noodle AFO. I have also used braces that do not go in shoes. The Ossur Foot up brace worked good for a few weeks, but the elastic band wore out after about two weeks. The Dorsi-Strap brace I wore for a while but I didn’t think really like the way it looked, and after a while the laces would wear and brake. I have been using the Dictus Band brace for a while and I like it a lot. It offers similar comfort to your brace. The benefit to your brace over Dictus is that your brace is more durable, you don’t have to change rubber bands and you are able to adjust the desired level of lift for your foot.

 John Chaber from Florida

Hi Chris,

I am getting used to this wonderful brace/lift. I keep trying to lift my hip and dont need to, HOW wonderful.

I think after a week or so I might not need the cane,”{ Praise God “. I am so pleased what a blessing Chris.

Thank you for your support “PUN INTENDED” and kindness always God Bless you Sir.

 Brook Robert Schafer, Ventura CA

I have had sore feet, ankle problems and knee pain for years.  I had surgery on one of my feet some years ago and it helped somewhat.  I went to see Dr B at Harborview foot and ankle clinic.  I was sure I would need surgery again so I had put off going to see him.  He diagnosed me with high arches and sent me to physical therapy.  The p.t. gave me an orthotic to wear which was helpful but still I had pain.  The next time I went in she suggested I try the Type 3 orthotic made by Footmind.  I have been wearing it for about one week now and my foot, ankle and knee pain are 90% better. My feet feel grounded and cushioned. I find I am holding my whole body with less tension.  I have started walking again for exercise and am happy to say I have very little pain.  This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone with high arches.  Thank you so much.

– Patricia Valdez R.N., M.S.W. 

I have been wearing the brace for about 2 months now and really helps me walk in a more normal way “ elevation & gait “ and is not irritating to the leg compared to others I tried

I go to my kinesiologist twice a week and have to change shoes when I go in and out and with this brace again is much easier than others I have had

 Daniel Beuvre from Canada

Hi Chris,
Just dropping an email to say how much better the footmind brace is over my old one.
The footmind is much more comfortable over long periods of wear. The fitting of it and adjustment are much easier.
and I am pleased to have a choice of footwear again as the fittings supplied can be used in almost any type of shoes I have.
I am limited when wearing the full leg brace to one pair of over sized shoes in basic black.
As I may have said I have ongoing pain around the ankle area inside and outside of the ankle, this has made me use the full brace
When (trying) to play golf. I have seen the doctor that did the operation and he said my ankle is collapsing inward and has made an
Appointment with the Orthotic Centre to build up the flat sole of the leg brace to support the ankle, so when I go on the 11th of Feb.
I will show them the footmind brace you supplied and tell them how good it is.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

 John McDowell

Hello Chris
This is Lori Levengood, daughter of Diane and Frank Donato. You have spoken to my mom several times regarding The Elevate brace for my Dad. I am sure she has shared my father’s story with you. I wanted to send to you in writing a sincere thank you. In my Dads long recovery from his heart attack and stroke, using the elevate has truly been yet another blessing for him. It allows him to be free of the large metal brace and orthopedic shoe that is both uncomfortable and unattractive. Using the Elevate brace has enabled him to move more freely and feel more independent. He no longer walks bent over but now stands taller. Wearing the Elevate has also let him feel like he is moving ahead in his daily living. For a man who loves his Italian loafers and has not been able to wear them this has also allowed him to feel more positive about his image. The old brace was a constant reminder of the tragic experience that has changed his life. I could go on and on about how wonderful this has been for not only my father but also for my Mom, myself and the whole family. The Elevate is simply a remarkable product and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you for sending us an additional brace, we are very grateful.

As my parents and I sit and talk a lot about the brace and have shown it to Dads doctors, cardiac rehab nurses and rehab doctors, I was curious if you have sales reps selling this product for Footmind?  Thank you

 Lori Levengood

I have had the privilege of wearing your orthotics for the past several years.  I have totally loved them.  I have had severe foot problems for a number of years and have had extensive physical therapy, injections and even surgery to try to take the pain away.  Finally my doctor recommended these to me and I love them.  I can finally wear cute shoes again and not have severe pain.  I would recommend them to anyone who has Planter Fasciitis.  They are wonderful.

– Marilee Bassett

Hi Chris,
I received the brace and have been wearing it for a few days. I’m using it on my tennis shoes and it’s working great. Thanks for the crop-a-dile. I’m not strong enough to use it so my daughter will help this weekend.
Thanks for making a good brace.

 Carey L Churchill

It didn’t compress my ankle the way the old brace did. I was using an X-Strap, which worked OK except for the pressure, and the shoelaces on the Velcro straps forever fraying and breaking.

Thanks again!

 Chuck Kuecker

So, just a little background about me:

I’m from Moscow, Russia.

I have been playing tennis since I was 6 years old. I was #1 in the world for about a month in the 14s and under division. I have trained and lived in England, France, Australia and the United States. I played in the Junior’s Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Then, I came to BYU on a scholarship and played for them for 4 years. My junior year at BYU i found out that my sesamoid bones in my feet were broken and split into little pieces, probably from overuse and that I also have a high arch. I had a foot surgery on my right foot and was prescribed orthotics. I still have the same problem in my left foot, but i use my right leg a lot more, so it doesn’t bother me as much.

These days, I teach tennis while still playing a little bit as well, because I love the sport so much. Right now I teach about 35-45 hours a week, so I am on my feet a lot. The new tennis shoes are all about lightness and comfort and not much support for my high arch, so I feel my plantar getting achy sometimes after a long day/week of teaching. That’s how you found me today at the courts. My foot was in pain. I put the orthotics in immediately and even though my feet were still achy, i felt the support in all the spots that i need, especially in my high arch. I taught for a total of 10,5 hours today, but as i wore the orthotics for the last couple of hours and i just took them off, i feel instant relief in my feet. I am so excited to wear them the whole time while teaching. I know that it usually takes a couple of weeks for the orthotics to take shape of the foot, but I honestly felt instant relief, after having acute pain today.

Thank you so much again, I hope your friends relative’s surgery went well too.

– Anastasia Surkova

I tried 4 different Foot doctors who all made different Orthotics for my foot condition, Plantar Fasciitis. I was so very frustrated because I still had foot pain and not one of them really helped my condition.

One even suggested cutting my tendons to cure the problem!!!

I decided to do my own research and happened to come across a video by Dr. Chris Hughes who described how his company made orthotics and why.

I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose and bought a pair from The Foot Store and to shock and amazement, by the 2nd day only, my foot had amazing relief. I bowl hundreds of games competitively and this allowed me to once again to bowl pain free and walk daily pain free.. I ordered two more pairs for my other shoes and have been pain free since.

I truly had such horrible pain for two years, from the time I got out of bed and my feet his the floor till the time I went to sleep.

I thank Chris Hughes, PhD , CEO of Footmind, Inc. for helping me out!!

– Jim in Graham, Washington

This is Marilyn Burch who wears the brace Karl Burch purchased from you. It has made all the difference in my relearning to walk again after my brain tumor surgery. The hard plastic l shaped ankle/calf brace was almost impossible for me to wear, it caused so much pain inside of my shoe. This new soft cloth ankle brace is comfortable so I can wear it all day. It lifts up the right side of my right foot and toes just right so my foot doesn’t drag when I walk and I can adjust it whenever needed. It is a great tool to use on my road to recovery, because as much as I like it I ultimately want to walk perfectly on my own again. Thank-you for the fine engineering and quality materials you used to make the brace comfortable and stable for the wearer.

 Marilyn Burch

I need to express to you how your Foot Science Brace has affected my life!

I have had back problems for years and finally it gave out back in September of 2012. (I have been dx. with Spinal Stenosis for years) My disks just fell apart and crumbled. I was instantly paralyzed, mostly in my left leg. There was extreme weakness and I didn’t understand it at the time. My dx. was “spinal cord damage” to my left foot.

I had a major back operation on October 8, 2012 I was in the Sonoran Spine Center her in Mesa, Arizona for 5 days. I also had 10 days in rehab. I came home for a week and ended up back in the hospital with a bacterial infection. I felt devastated, I thought the operation would eliminate the drop foot problem but it did not. Eventually I did get well and my insurance would only offer some kind of bulky brace to wear so I wouldn’t fall. That brace kept me from doing so many things that I was really sad that I had to wear this “contraption” in order to walk with out falling. It was “heavy, bulky, and made my leg sore” throughout the day, thus eliminating further activity. I would have to come home after shopping or just visiting someone and take this brace OFF! I had no idea there was anything else out there since I never had this problem of drop foot before.

The Foot Science Brace is so light that I don’t even know its there while it’s doing the job of “holding my drop foot up.” I exercise 5 days a week and it does not interfere with my agility to move my foot if needed. The adjustability is wonderful. When I do my body basic exercises I can loosen the strings to where I can bend my foot just a little to balance myself while doing my exercising. (I could not do that before with the stationary bulky brace) I can walk so much better now and even a slow to faster run. I can increase my walking activity with out any rubbing or heaviness or burning pain. I can wear this brace through out the whole day for over 8 hours and sometimes I don’t even know it’s there.


I would recommend this brace to anyone! If you are a first timer experiencing foot drop and need a foot brace to hold your foot up comfortably…this is the brace for you!

My life and comfort is so important to me that when I bought and used this “Foot Science Brace” I thought now this is where I was before…not limited. It works!!!
I absolutely love it!

Believe me….you will never find another brace like this one! It’s reasonably priced, sent to you in a timely manner, with very minimum shipping and handling. You must try it for yourself! It’s the best brace out there!!

Thank you Foot Science for making this kind of brace for those of us with this drop foot problem. Oh how it has changed my life!!!

 Lorraine Carroll
Mesa, Arizona

I served a mission for the LDS Church in Patagonia in Southern Chile. We walked the streets for eight or more hours each day. After eight months of this beating, I developed multiple chronic stress fractures and tendon damage in my right foot. They found the cause to be high arches–the highest that my doctor had ever seen. As I walked all of the shock and weight went to the wrong part of my foot due to my arches. This caused undue stress on the wrong part of my foot. I was sent home from Chile immediately so that I could get major surgery to correct the problems in both of my feet. Instead of an invasive surgery, my doctors here decided to have me use the Orthotics by FootScientific. I needed the type 3 Orthotic, which acts as a balancing agent for my foot. It distributes the weight and shock to my foot correctly. Using these Orthotics prevented me from needing invasive surgery, and today I am able to walk and run.

– Tyler M

The end of March I suffered a moderately severe stroke on my right side, while going through rehabilitation and learning to walk again I experienced quite a drop foot problem. My therapist tried several of the more conventional drop foot braces, and while they offered some help, the results were less than satisfactory. She then started doing some research on-line and found your Elevate Drop Foot Brace and ordered one for the rehabilitation facility to try. The first time I used it there was all the difference in the world in my walking. After using it in therapy for several days, I ordered one of my own, and have been using it ever since. It has helped my recovery immensely. Now, only three and a half months after my stroke, while I still use a cane, I am walking nearly normally, do not have any drop foot problems, and I have been able to significantly reduce the amount tension I need to put on the brace to keep from having drop foot problems. It is truly a great product.

 Roger Dilling
Salem, SC

[My wife] has had two knee replacements (total TKRs). The first one was done 2 years ago, but somehow, did not go right! Her leg extension & flextion where very limited. She then underwent an MUA, but that too didn’t help. 6 months ago, she had a revision replacement done (this time in India), but, during the surgery, developed a hairline fracture on the Tibia, as well as a footdrop. The hairline fracture, just above the ankle, has since heeled completely, but the footdrop is still there. In these last five months, some sensation has come back on the underside of the foot, as well as on the side of the foot, but no sensation on the upper part of the foot between the toes and the ankle! The Brace is an amazing contraption and so helpful…….It now aids her in her walk and allows her to come down heel first, as opposed to the toes coming down. As she wears Slippers, Sandals, and Trainers, we can now use it on any of them. We found that the best results come when using the C-Hook kit as it holds firm, especially on the Sandals & Slippers!

 Customer from Kenya

This Brace is truly amazing! I am a 27 year old male who contracted drop foot after a horrendous motor vehicle accident. I am over weight and exercising to drop the extra pounds so I need something that could keep up. After I went thru (broke) 3 previous braces recommended by my doctor, I decided to give Elevate a go. It has changed everything for me. Now that I am recovering from my accident, At 290lbs, I can jog/walk a 16 minute mile with the aid of the Elevate Drop Foot Brace. I am truly grateful for the design and comfort of the brace. I am ordering my second brace today. The first brace had held up for a solid year with my active lifestyle.

 Kirt Breaux

I am writing to let you know how the Orthotics you helped to develop, specifically the Type 3 for Cavovarus or High Arches, has greatly brought relief to my feet when other doctors did not help my situation, but in fact made my condition worse.

I’ve had Plantar Fasciitis for approximately 2 years now with little or no relief.

Exercises only brought temporary relief for a day at a time. During most of this time I limped painfully from my right foot being worse off than my left foot. I believe I developed Plantar Fasciitis from bowling thousands of games over my lifetime. I am 62 and in good sports condition. But my feet Hurt!!

I visited 3 different foot doctors since I developed my condition. Each time I thought these Doctors knew what they were doing. They took x-rays of my feet, made castings from my feet to make Orthotics that would mirror my feet and watched me walk on the floor. I thought surely they would bring me relief.

Weeks later when I received my Orthotics I figured I would finally have relief from my painful symptoms.  Shockingly there was no relief..I told these Foot Doctors that their Orthotics did not help and asked to recheck them. They all said their orthotics were made to match my feet. I asked why my feet still hurt.. Their canned answer was to exercise more and to give time for my feet to get used to their Orthotics. Most of the Orthotics were stiff and some had little cushioning for the bottom of my toes and the ball of my foot. One doctor said he could perform surgery to cure the problem!! I told him absolutely not!

I tried their different Orthotics for over a year and a half with terrible results. I could not understand how these experts could not help my condition.
I decided to research my condition on my own. This is when I came across [your website] and watched a couple of the Videos by Dr. Chris Hughes and his partners.

The video i watched was in-depth and I related to how this video showed the ankle rolling and foot being Over Supinated.  I decided I had nothing to lose but the cost of the Orthotics which wasn’t that much IF THEY DID WORK.

When I received them they looked similar to ones I had been given by foot doctors, but they were padded in different areas for the feet and not extremely stiff at all.

I wore them for a day and they felt okay, just like the other orthotics I was given. But…the next day my foot pain was gone!! Unlike previously made orthotics, day after day my foot responded to Dr. Hughes Orthotics.

After two weeks I started noticing that my calluses on the ball of my feet started to diminish and I definitely noticed that my feet were rolling the opposite way versus the other orthotics made for me. I now felt like my feet were walking more naturally and not rolling out.

I was totally thrilled at not having pain when I walked, especially at work where I walk on Concrete floors every day!!

So I wanted to share this testimony in hopes it reaches others who have had no luck finding corrective measures for their painful foot problems. Don’t give up!!

I also am a competitive bowler and I put a lot of pressure on my feet when I bowl and these Orthotics have helped my feet to stop swelling in my shoes from the constant strain of pushing off on my right foot and sliding on my left foot during long bowling tournaments.

All I can say is, THANK YOU Dr. Hughes for having the Passion to make a superior product that is bound to help anyone with painful Plantar Fasciitis!!

You helped me when I thought I would have to walk in pain the rest of my life!!

I so appreciate your product!! Thank you!!

– Jim S

I am a dancer and fitness enthusiast over age 50. For the past several years peroneal tendinitis has been an issue. I went to an orthopedist who specializes in foot and ankle problems and also a regular podiatrist, neither of whom helped me. The orthopedist told me to “act my age.” I did not stop dancing. Instead I did research online and found out that foot supination might be a contributing factor for perineal tendinitis. I did not want to go to another doctor for orthotics. A podiatrist recommendation online led me to FootScientific Cavovarus Orthotics Type 3 for Supination, a great alternative. These may be even better than a prescription orthotic.  I put them into my dance shoes and found I could dance more and better with no foot pain. I just ordered my second pair today. I want one permanently in the dance shoes.

– Linda Schmidt

I am so impressed with this brace and ease of use. It was a life saver. My drop foot had landed me flat out on the ground and floor many times before using this. I would have had to pay over $1100.00 to purchase one that the doctor prescribed and I knew I would hate. I had no insurance and would never been able to get one. I assume this brace will last a few years. I find it works best for me with low top sneakers and sandals that have Flatter heels and Flexible soles.

 Lori Crocker


I just wanted to say thank you for your partnership with us, our patients have been loving the orthotics. We had a 15 year old who has had foot pain for over 3 years, after 2 weeks of wearing his orthotics he said “I no longer have any foot pain!”

- Dr. Daniel Lawler, Utah