Which Type Am I?

Comfort (mmHg 8-17):

  • Mild compression comfortable for everyday wear. Hugs your leg for all-day comfort.

Performance (mmHg 12-24):

  • Enhance performance and speed recovery time. Designed for the athlete and the everyday active person, but not limited to.

Recovery (mmHg 20-32):

  • Considered as a prescription compression sock. More specialized and helps with circulation. Avoid thrombosis and relieve leg pain. Consult a doctor if this level of compression isn't strong enough.

Please see a doctor to assess if you require prescription levels.


Key Features

Key Features:

            • Three graduated compression options depending on your need
            • Silver anti-microbial threading to combat foot odor
            • Soft underbelly for the bottom of your foot
            • Snug arch support that blends into the graduated schematic.
            • Comfortable materials that still reach to required compression.

Performance Results:

            • Sharpen performance
            • Speed recovery
            • Reduce the chance of thrombosis/ blood clotting/ blockage
            • Reduce pain from varicose veins and other sources of leg ache
            • Reduce swelling in feet