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"No More Pain"

You helped me when I thought I would have to walk in pain the rest of my life!!
I so appreciate your product!! Thank you!!

Jim S.

"The Change Was Incredible"

I must say WOW! The change was incredible! No more pain, AT ALL! I would recommend these to ANYONE! Especially runners! :) Thank you so much, Foot Scientific!!!

Alyse S.

"Brace Is Helpful

The Foot Mind Brace is helpful in lifting my foot and helping activating the muscles of the front of my leg and foot I’ve worn it with athletic shoes and open toed sandals, which are the most comfortable.

Fred B.

"Amazing Relief"

I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose and bought a pair from The Foot Store and to shock and amazement, by the 2nd day only, my foot had amazing relief. 

Jim G.

"It Changed My Life"

I would recommend this brace to anyone! If you are a first timer experiencing foot drop and need a foot brace to hold your foot up comfortably…this is the brace for you!

Lorraine C.

Which Product For Which Disorder?

FootScientific exists to ensure your ankles and feet have the products they need to be properly cared for. This is what we do best. Learn more about which product you should look at for which order. 

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