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Arches Orthotics

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scientifically researched & Physician Backed

Arches Orthotic

Developed by Orthopedic Foot & Ankle surgeon, Dr. Rob Faux.

The Arches line solves for the three common foot types that generally lead to fatigue, pain & often injury.

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This is my first pair of FootScientific Arches Orthotics and I love them. I have had 2 failed mid foot bone fusions and have a lot of pain. These shoes are helping with my pain, stability and low arches.

Dawn C.

After a fall in Hawaii left me with two shattered heel bones and major surgery complications, I had a small hope that chronic pain wouldn't follow me the rest of my life. I am also a nurse, on my feet for long hours. It wasn't a year after my injury until a doctor recommended these orthotics d/t my intense pain and arthritis. I have naturally high arches, and these inserts have helped me feel almost pain free at the end of my shifts. I have bought many pairs to go in my everyday shoes as well because they have been so effective. PERFECT PURCHASE

Holly F.

These have changed the way I walk and I feel so much better. I have multiple pairs and put them in any shoes they can fit in. They are long lasting and before I got more than 1 pair I could very easily transfer them between shoes. Additionally I had a change I needed to make to an order and customer service made it a breeze! Really appreciate the product and the service.

Amanda G.

The Elevate 360 is much more convenient and comfortable than the standard foot brace that goes inside your shoe and up to your calf.

Daniel E.
Los Angeles, CA

I first got these arch supports through my orthopedist. When I finally wore them out I decided to just order them myself. They came quickly and were exactly what I ordered. My feet are thankful!

Gail K.

Graduated Compression Socks

Comfort - Recovery - Performance

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Graduated Compression Socks

After 2 years of development, we have designed the optimal graduated compression socks for performance, recovery & comfort.

We are proud to introduce you to our latest collection & confident you will improve your performance, decrease your recovery time and enjoy the comfort of our compression line.

Solving for Neurological Injury & Disease

From neurological injury to disease, a specific population suffers from what is known as "Drop Foot", the inability to maintain a flexed ankle.

Understanding the grafity of this specific issue, FootScientific has continued to develop and improve its brace. We aim to provide a level of comfort and performance that is life changing for those with these unique conditions.



Love it so far!!!

Have been using it for a week or two and love it walking is so much better, faster and can go for a lot longer!! 👏👏👌👌

Traci G.

Works great, feels great, easy

Works great, feels great, easy to use ! Worth every penny !

George E.

Awesome product and service. Thank

Awesome product and service. Thank You.

David K.

Excellent Product

The Elevate 360 is much more convenient and comfortable than the standard foot brace that goes inside your shoe and up to your calf.

Daniel E.

Big Coach

So far so good. It really helps me walk normal and actually I have done some light jogging with it on. First time I have been able to jog since I developed drop foot. I'm a high school football coach so I'm very active and I'm also a big guy, 6'5 280, so I have been worried that the brace would hold up. It has held up great!

Larry W.

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