Cracked Skin

 Excessively dry skin can cause splitting or cracking.

What causes Cracked Skin?

The most common cause of cracked skin on feet is excessively dry skin. If you are overweight and on your feet all day long, or if your skin is not soft and supple, cracking can happen. It can also be a sign of other health issues such as Athlete's Foot, psoriasis, or eczema.

How do I know if I have Cracked Skin?

What are the symptoms of Cracked Skin?

Excessively dry and cracking heels or skin on your feet.

How is Cracked Skin diagnosed?

If your skin is dry or splitting you may be suffering from dry skin.

What can I do from home for Cracked Skin?

What can I do to prevent Cracked Skin?

Constant monitoring of the condition of the skin on your feet or moisturization can be quite beneficial for cracked skin.

What treatments can I do from home for Cracked Skin?

Moisturize the soles of your feet several times a day. You can also look into getting proper footwear designed for cracked feet.

When should I see a doctor for Cracked Skin?

If moisturization does not seem to help the issue of your cracked skin, this might be a sign of something more serious.

Treatment your doctor may recommend for Cracked Skin

Treatment may depend upon the cause