The Drop Foot Treatment For Your Patient

A Foot Drop brace promoting patient compliance.

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Features of the

Elevate 360°

Elevate® Function

The Elevate® brace showcases ease of use and predictable function. The brace wraps quickly around the ankle, attaching with Velcro. A buckle adds reinforcement and fit. The strong, durable lace easily slips onto the included Anchor Hook Kit, and lift angle is achieved and quickly released as desired with a simple to use dial created by BOA® Fit System.

"I'm a PT and have used this product with a couple of my clients with excellent results. They love that the brace is light weight and less bulky than a traditional AFO. I love the adjustability."

Bethany N., PT

"This brace changed my life. After living with an ok AFO for nearly a year, watching my gait suffer, my hip hurt, and delveop tears because of my gait, I discovered the Elevate 360. Its worth the adjustment to walk like a human again."

Sharyn R.

"I was referred to the Elevate by my doctor and it works well for my drop foot problem. Before using the brace, I was afraid to walk outside for fear of falling, where my foot would stub, causing me to fall. Since wearing the brace I walk anywhere confidently knowing I'm not going to trip or fall as I have in the past.

Lynda T.

Why do Medical Professionals Prefer the Elevate?

  • Comfort and appearance leads to higher patient use or compliance.
  • High patient satisfaction leads to better patient retention.
  • Can be uniquely useful for inversion and eversion.
  • Progressive tension if stretching is needed.
  • Decrease potential for atrophy while maintaining a customized lift.
  • Adjustable support/correction is unique for better patient safety (i.e. skin protection) and comfort.

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The Elevate 360° Story

FootScientific, Inc. teamed with leading Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Rob Faux, whose patients complained about avaliable "drop foot" braces. The Elevate 360° was developed to create a brace that was discreet and comfortable, while also stable and strong. The partnership with BOA® puts the Elevate into a category unmatched with any other products in the industry. BOA's® powerful HDPE lace slips into shoe anchors, then the desired lift-angle is easily achieved and released using the BOA® closure system.

Brand Comparisons

Elevate® Comfort

The Elevate® brace was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky braces that go inside the shoe, and the growing number of cheap and unpredictable braces for outside of the shoe. Careful material selection created an amazingly lightweight (just 8 oz), yet sturdy and long-lasting brace.



Customers In Action

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The Elevate Child

More helpful that traditional AFO's

  • Can correct for inversion/eversion.
  • Mantains important supporting muscles.
  • Incrementally stretch for tight muscles or spasticity.

Better child compliance because:

  • Small and discrete.
  • East to put on.
  • Comfortable to wear.


Preventing Falling in Children with Foot Drop

Peter is a 5-year-old little boy that was paralyzed by Transverse Myelitis at age 6 months. He has been on a journey to gain as much mobility as possible despite his spinal cord injury. For years we have searched for AFO’s that would help him clear his toe when walking with his crutches. For the last 5 years all the ones we have tried have been too bulky and heavy for Peter, so he hasn’t had the benefit of any bracing while walking. The Elevate braces are a brilliant product. They provide the support Peter needs without all the bulk and weight of AFO’s. They also provide the stretch he needs to keep the range of motion in his ankles, and the fact that he can wear his regular shoes while wearing the Elevate braces is PRICELESS. I can not say enough wonderful things and I’m so thankful that we finally have a functional solution that will help our son.”


Is the brace one size fits all?

The brace is one size and can be adjusted accordingly.

Can the Elevate Drop Foot Brace be used on both feet?

Yes - the brace is designed for either the left, right, or both feet. Please be careful and conscientious for the first couple of hours as you become acustomed to having one or both feet elevated to your preferred level.

Is the brace covered by insurance? Can I use my FSA/HSA card?

While we don't handle insurance matters directly, our product is a registered medical device, and several customers have successfully been reimbursed by submitting one of the following codes to their insurance provider: L-Codes: L4398, L1930, or L1900. Typically, given some unpredictability of coverage based on your insurance provider's rules, people simply buy out of pocket.

We accept HSA/FSA payment at checkout.

Do I have to put those anchors on my shoe every time I wear the brace?

No. The anchors take a bit of effort to put into your shoes the first time, after that, just leave them in the shoe and simply put the cord in them when you are ready to wear the brace. The brace comes with a set of black and silver anchor kits, and you can purchase additional anchor kits if you want to have several shoes ready to wear.

How long will the cord last?

Expect about a year of daily use and watch for excessive fraying. However, the brace comes with a replacement cord and instructions. You can also purchase more lace through our website.

What is your return policy? Is there warranty on the brace?

All of our products have a 60-day guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase, we provide complimentary returns within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

The brace does not come with warranty. Nonetheless, should any issue arise with your brace within the initial six months of purchase, please contact us directly, and we'll address each case individually to find a resolution.

How can I attach the Elevate to sandals?

Almost all good sandal material will work with the brace. Keens or Drew sandals, for example, have been popular. I suggest using and awl to place a hole just big enough to wiggle the screw through (with the washer on it), or purchase Crop-A-Dile if you prefer. After a few days, you could take the hook out and see if there is any distortion in the material if you would like to ensure all is well.

Who is the Elevate Made For?

The Elevate 360 was invented to help those recovering from neurological disorders, strokes, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, Cerebral palsy, nerve injury to the foot, leg, and ankle, and ALS.