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Let Nature Work In Your Favor With
Arches® Custom OrthoticsArches Orthotics for SkateboardingThe ARCHES SPECIALTY ORTHOTIC LINE was developed over a 12 year period to maximize balance, correction, comfort and performance.

The corrective features were developed to meet unmet contouring needs typical to athletes like skateboarders who demand exceptional balance and control. The first place to fine-tune control over your board is where your feet interact with its surface. If your foot isn’t naturally in a neutral position against the board, you are fighting nature.

When pressure falls too much on the inside of your foot (if you are flat footed) or on the outside of the foot (if you have a high arch) you will fatigue faster - and that makes a big difference quick.

When your feet are in a neutral position, you aren’t trying to find your control or power through small bones and ligaments - controls flows between your board and responsive feet while engaging your large muscle groups for the power you need.

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Foot Arch Performance Layers

Which Arch Type Do You Need?

If You Don't Have High Arch, Flat Foot, or You're Not Sure, Choose the Type 2 Neutral Orthotic for Best Overall Performance.
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Skateboard Arch InsolesYou likely know if you have flat feet if your arch is lower to the ground than most feet. In this case Get Footscientifics Type 1: Pronation Orthotics (Flat Feet)

You may know if you have a particularly high arch if you can fit half your index finger under your foot’s arch while standing on a hard surface. In this case Get Footscientific's Type 3: Cavovarus Orthotics (High Arch)

If you are not sure which Type you are, you are probably a Type 2 and will love its pressure dispersing, foot-neutralizing comfort. Get Footsientific's Type 2: Neutral Orthotics

Type 1 Pronation Arch Support
  • 3-degree medial heel wedge that realigns the classic “flatfoot”
  • Captures heel and arch for stable control of the subtalar joint
  • Designed to relieve pain and stress to the entire body caused by flat feet and hyperpronation.
  • One year guarantee on comfort and corrective features
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TYPE 2: NEUTRAL (Ball to Heel Support)
Type 2 Flat Foot - Neutral Control
  • Medial longitudinal arch support.
  • Heel and Metatarsal gel pads for therapeutic cushioning.
  • Neutral arch to allow perfect pronation, but careful not to tilt distally.
  • Stabilizes foot front to back as well as side to side.
  • One year guarantee on comfort and corrective features
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arch supination and high arch support
  • 3-degree lateral heel wedge to realign the heel and ankle
  • Patented forefoot longitudinal recess that captures subtle “forefoot driven cavus” and assists in balance of the entire foot.
  • Captures the heel, arch and forefoot for stable control of the subtalar joint.
  • One year guarantee on comfort and corrective features
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