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Arches® Type 3 Specialty Orthotics for Knee Arthritis

Relieve Foot and Inner Knee Arthritis Pain.

Get science backed correction, relief, comfort and performance. FootScientific’s TYPE 3 Arches® Orthotics are specifically designed to relieve pain from arthritis at the inner knee, osteoarthritis, high arch, supination, and grinding knee pain. 
Arches® Type 3 Specialty Orthotics for Knee Arthritis
Developed over a 12 year period and scientifically backed, the TYPE 3 Arches® Orthotics are specially designed to open the joint of the inner knee and relieve pain from inner knee arthritis (approximately 90% of all knee osteoarthritis), high arch, supination, and grinding knee pain. It’s patented design includes a “lateral post” – or wedge – across its entire length and a drop in the ball of the big toe – effectively changing the angle of the foot’s contact with the ground – and opening the pressure on the inner knee! (See the left leg before and after below)
An advantage of our Type 3 for those with a high arch is that it is designed to help relieve foot and ankle symptoms from the supinating foot (“cavovarus foot”). These symptoms include plantar fasciitis, outer foot stress and tenderness, and ankle sprains and rolling.*
Knee Arthritis Treatment
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  • *If you have a “flat foot” and do not have inner knee arthritis please see our Type 1 Orthotics
  • *If you don’t have “high arch”, “flat foot”, or aren’t sure, see our Type 2 Orthotics

Unique Benefits

  • Provides the perfect balance of correction, comfort, and control.
  • Reduces many common injuries and problems found in those with high arches including:Grinding knee pain, Inner knee pain, metatarsalgia pain, Inner knee arthritis, Medial osteo arthritis, Knee osteoarthritis, Pain on the outside of the ankle, Pain on the lateral part of the foot, Pain in the heel, Plantar fasciitis, Problems with the heel and achilles, Ankle rolling and sprains, and other related conditions
  • Produces a better interplay while walking and running to create more stability and efficiency.
  • Creates immediate relief while standing.
  • Neutralizes the foot, taking pressure off of key tendons and increasing power in your step.

Unique Features

  • One year guarantee on comfort and corrective features
  • Full to ¾ length semi-ridged, semi-soft orthotic.
  • Material density and quality replicates those used in custom orthotics.
  • Materials allow for modification by trained foot-care providers.
  • Orthotics will mold to natural foot shape in a 1-3 week period of consistent wear and will not lose their corrective shape.
  • Perfect balance of control and comfort
  • Designed to relieve pain and stress in foot, ankle, knee, hip and back.
  • Place in each pair of shoes for maximum benefit (Quantity discounts included)

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What Clients Are Saying:

Just received my new …brace today…..very easy to apply and adjust!….made a huge difference immediately! I am a rehabilitation nurse I will be able to wear this for a full twelve hour shift no problem…created perfect step through immediately stopping step-page gait as well! I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase, life changing in regards to gait and activity.

YouTube User

So I wanted to share this testimony in hopes it reaches others who have had no luck finding corrective measures for their painful foot problems. Don’t give up!! …THANK YOU Dr. Hughes for having the Passion to make a superior product that is bound to help anyone with painful Plantar Fasciitis!! You helped me when I thought I would have to walk in pain the rest of my life!!
I so appreciate your product!! Thank you!!

Jim S - Graham, Washington

I have had drop foot for several years with little support from my UK doctors. I have been able to walk with confidence and do the things I used to love doing. This brace is the most amazing break through in Footdrop technology I wish I had found it years ago, I honestly mean this … This device has changed my life for the better, it’s discrete and easy to use and is totally brilliant.

Shelley Ahmet

I am an avid runner and have been for over three years now. But over a month ago, I started experiencing sharp pain in both of my feet after a long run. However, I had heard about these “Arches Orthotics” and read some good reviews on them. I decided to get a pair that matched my foot type (Type 1 for Flat Feet) and give them a try. I must say WOW! The change was incredible! No more pain, AT ALL! I would recommend these to ANYONE! Especially runners! 🙂 Thank you so much, Foot Scientific!!!

Alyse Buchanan - SLC, Utah

For years, I have had podiatrists tell me my feet were flat and I needed orthotics and so I have worn them. I have paid as much as $500.00 a pair for them but those have been somewhat uncomfortable as they are very hard on the bottom of the foot. I… was fitted for two pair of the Arches Orthotics. I have loved them. The cost of the Arches is extremely reasonable compared to other orthotics and my satisfaction is much higher. I can certainly recommend them from my personal experience with them the last 5 months.

Robert E. Sanderson

I have had sore feet, ankle problems and knee pain for years. I had surgery on one of my feet some years ago and it helped somewhat. The next time I went in she suggested I try the Type 3 orthotic. I have been wearing it for about one week now and my foot, ankle and knee pain are 90% better. My feet feel grounded and cushioned. I find I am holding my whole body with less tension. I have started walking again for exercise and am happy to say I have very little pain. This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone with high arches. Thank you so much.

Patricia Valdez R.N., M.S.W.

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